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Our hospital promote "patient-centered integrated outpatient care plan".

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Updated 2018/9/16 20:54:48
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Taiwan is an eld melt society with an aging population and increasing patients of multiple chronic diseases.
Our hospital promote "patient-centered integrated outpatient care plan", 
so that people with multiple chronic diseases can get integrated care services to avoid duplicated and improper medication, repeated tests, examinations and treatment, etc., 
and to improve the overall quality of medical services and health.
For the people, to receive the integrated outpatient care can reduce the numbers of seeking medical help and save the time, transport cost or the cost of family accompany for medical treatment.
Once cooperated with the medical advise from the integrated team of the doctor, the case manager, the nurse and the pharmacist,
it will reduce the items of medication, the repeated use of drugs or interaction and increase the safety of medication to control the disease.

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